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GENE KRUPA - At His Very Best

Gene Krupa was one of the all time great Jazz drummers. Born in 1909 in Chicago, he began playing drums as a child. In his youth he played along side Benny Goodman and Glen Miller before finding fame with Goodman and eventually leaving due to the inevitable clash of personalities. Teaming up with Tommy Dorsey was an emotional milestone which led to him forming a band of his own which he maintained through out the Forties and which forms the bulk of these recordings - his hey day. In the early Fifties he continued with a smaller group - normally a quartet

CD1 Opus No. 1: Boogie Blues: In The Middle May: Knock Me A Kiss: Tea For Two: Leave Us Jump: Disc Jockey Jump: Harriet: Dark Eyes: Up Aní Atom: Calling Dr. Gillespie: Iíll Never Be The Same: Birdhouse: Itís Up To You: Lyonaise Potatoes And Some Pork Chops: Night And Day: Indiana: All BY Myself: Love Is My Heart: By The River St. Marie

CD2 Tutti-Frutti: Jeepers Creepers: Apurksody: Old Black Joe: Drumminí Man: Boog It: No Name Jive: The Sergeant Was Shy: Rhumboogie: I Hear Music: Full Dress Hop: Deep In Blues: Sweet Georgia Brown: Drum Boogie: Let Me Off Uptown: Just A Little Bit Of North Carolina: Stop ! The Red Lightís On: Bolero At The Savoy: Pass The Bounce: Starburst. .

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