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Double CDs


Various - Rock 'n' Roll In Black 'n' White

A Unique Double CD Rock’n’Roll wasn’t summoned out of thin air in 1954 with many white artists covering black music (and vice versa) long before Elvis and Bill Haley erupted onto the scene in the early-mid 1950s. Here then are the two sides of the coin with 27 songs on each CD CD1 by black artists and CD2 by white!

CD1 CHUCK BERRY - No Money Down: MUDDY WATERS - Sugar Sweet: RUTH BROWN - Wild Wild Young Boys: 5 ROYALES - Right Around The Corner: JOE TURNER & PLUMA DAVIS ORCHESTRA - Honey Hush: FAYE ADAMS - I'll Be True: FOUR BLAZES - Perfect Woman: ERNEST BROOKS - Talkin' Off The Wall: LITTLE RICHARD - Long Tall Sally: HADDA BROOKS - Jump Back Honey: LAVERN BAKER - Tweedle Dee: BO DIDDLEY - Bo Diddley: BELVEDERES - Pepper Hot Baby: JIMMY WILSON - Jumpin' From 6 to 6: ROY MILTON & HIS SOLID SENDERS - Red Light: BULL MOOSE JACSKON - I Want A Bow-Legged Woman: WILLIE MABON - I Don't Know: CHUCK WILLIS - Caldonia: RUTH BROWN - Bye Bye Young Men: JOE TURNER & HIS BLUES KINGS - Hide And Seek: CHUCK BERRY - Maybelline: LITTLE RICHARD - Ready Teddy: ELMORE JAMES & HIS BROOM DUSTERS - Strange Kinda Feelin': BIG JOHN GREER & DOLORES BROWN - You Played On My Piano: TRENIERS - Rock A-Beatin' Boogie: H-BOMB FERGUSON & ANDY KIRK ORCHESTRA - Hole In The Wall: RAVENS - Rock Me All Night Long

CD2 MITCHELL TOROK - No Money Down: DAVID HOUSTON - Sugar Sweet: ROSE MADDOX - Wild Wild Young Girls: BOYD BENNETT & HIS ROCKETS - Right Around The Corner: JOHNNY BURNETTE TRIO - Honey Hush: BILL HALEY & HIS COMETS - I'll Be True: HARDROCK GUNTER - Perfect Woman: EDDIE BOND - Talkin' Off The Wall: EDDIE COCHRAN - Long Tall Sally: GENE VINCENT & HIS BLUE CAPS - Jump Back, Honey, Jump Back: BONNIE LOU - Tweedle Dee: BUDDY HOLLY - Bo Diddley: JAYE P MORGAN - Pepper Hot Baby: TOMMY SCOTT & HIS RAMBLERS - Jumpin' From 6 to 6: T TEXAS TYLER - Red Light: JIMMIE BALLARD - I Want A Bow-Legged Woman: TENNESSEE ERNIE FORD - I Don't Know: CARL PERKINS - Caldonia: DARRELL GLENN - Bye Bye Young Men: BILL HALEY & HIS COMETS - Hide And Seek: MARTY ROBBINS - Maybelline: ELVIS PRESLEY - Ready Teddy: EDDY DUGOSH & THE AH-HA PLAYBOYS - Strange Kinda Feelin': HANK PENNY & JAYE P MORGAN - You Played On My Piano: ESQUIRE BOYS - Rock A-Beatin' Boogie: AMOS COMO & HIS TUNE TOPPERS - Hole In The Wall: ELLA MAE MORSE - Rock Me All Night Long.

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