2CD Set: GVC2029

BC: 827565057313


Nine Times Out Of Ten - The Rock’n’Roll Years (1958-1960)
Move It
Schoolboy Crush
High Class Baby
My Feet Hit The Ground
Livin’ Lovin’ Doll
Steady With You
Mean Streak
Never Mind
No Turning Back
Mad About You
Living Doll
Apron Strings
Travelling Light
I Gotta Know
Here Comes Summer
Mean Woman Blues
A Voice In The Wilderness
Don’t Be Mad At Me
The Shrine On The Second Floor
Fall In Love With You
Willie And The Hand Jive
Please Don’t Tease
Where Is My Heart
Nine Times Out Of Ten
Thinking Of Our Love
You And I
Evergreen Tree
Tell Me
Gee Whiz It’s You
I Love You
‘D’ In Love
T.V. Hop (live)
Rockin’ Robin (live)
High School Confidential (live)
Early In The Morning (live)
King Creole (live)
I’ll Try (live)
Somebody Touched Me (live)
Apron Strings (live)
My Babe (live)
Down The Line (live)
I Got A Feeling (live)
Baby I Don’t Care (live)
Donna (live)
Move It (live)
Ready Teddy (live)
Too Much (live)
Don’t Bug Me Baby (live)
That’ll Be The Day (live)
Danny (live)
Whole Lotta Shakin’ Goin’ On (live)
Blue Suede Shoes
The Snake And The Bookworm
Twenty Flight Rock
Pointed Toe Shoes
I’m Walking
I’m Gonna Get You
I Cannot Find A True Love
She’s Gone
Left Out Again
You’re Just The One To Do It
Lamp Of Love
Choppin’ ’n’ Changin’
We Have It Made
I Love You So
I’m Willing To Learn
I Don’t Know
Working After School

In the light of his subsequent career, it’s often difficult to remember that when he started out, Cliff Richard was a bad-boy Rock’n’Roll singer whose slurred, semi-hiccuped vocals, lip-curling sneers and overtly sexy gyrations on TV’s Oh Boy! offended every adult within sight and/or earshot. Cliff was both sufficiently shrewd and ambitious to clean up his act early on, which is ultimately why he was able to grow and mature as an artist - and yet although his music has changed radically over the years, he’s always evinced an affection for his R&R roots and he still often features medleys of his early hits in his live set. And those early hits really were something else.

His very first disc, ‘Move It’, remains a benchmark UK R&R record, one of the cornerstone recordings of an otherwise fairly turgid home-grown scene, whilst subsequent hits like ‘Living Doll’, ‘Travelling Light’, ‘Fall In Love With You’, ‘Please Don’t Tease’, ‘Nine Times Out Of Ten’ and ‘Gee Whiz It’s You’ stand head and shoulders above most other British artists’ output of the era. This compilation presents the very best of Cliff’s recordings between 1958-60, when he reigned freely as the UK’s premier Rock & Roll heart-throb..


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