GVC 1013

BC: 827565060153

Single CD



China Doll
Open Up Dem Pearly Gates
Shin Gan Goo
Mexicali Rose
Vella Langa
Rose Marie
Blue Yodel (T For Texas)
If I Had My Way
The Peanut Vendor
(By A) Sleepy Lagoon
Lonesome Traveller
Snow Shoes Thompson
Just For A While
Canoe Song
She Moved Thro’ The Fair
Careless Love
Three Lovely Lassies From Bannion
Silver And Gold
O’Brian The Brave Engineer
Walk On Boy
Sierra Sue
Weary Blues
Highland Fling
Never Goodbye
A Little Love, A Little Kiss
Blue Weekend
Pastures Of Plenty





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A minuscule Glaswegian, possessed of an awesome voice which took no prisoners whatsoever and defied either description or categorisation, Karl Denver was a genuine one-off. Musically, he occupied an area almost entirely of his own making, presenting something of an unlikely hybrid of Jimmie Rodgers, Frankie Laine and Lonnie Donegan, with a passing nod to Johnny Cash, meshed together to produce a challenging, ear-splitting, yet oddly irresistible cacophony. Indeed, had Mars Attacks! been a British film, it wouldn’t have been Slim Whitman’s ‘Indian Love Call’, with its polite, mellifluous yodeling that killed off the Martians, it would have been the blood-curdling, throat-shredding howls of Karl’s ‘Wimoweh’!
An unlikely Pop star, being skinny, lantern-jawed, exceptionally short (he even wore lifts in his cuban heels!) and clearly a few years older than his Press biogs would have had us believe, he cut a somewhat incongruous figure on package tours. And yet, night after night, The Karl Denver Trio would regularly upstage the younger, considerably hipper and more handsome bill-toppers, winning unconditional respect for their musicality and professionalism. Denver had no comparable peers in the British Hit Parade, and he appeared to draw on just about every known musical genre - Folk, Country, Blues, Jazz, mainstream Pop,World Music, show tunes, MOR ballads, Western Swing, you name it. However, as NME journalist Derek Johnson observed, at the time: “When there have been a spate of unimaginative performers and carbon-copy artists, it is refreshing to find an artist with a totally different and distinctive approach.”
Karl’s peak years were 1961-62, during which he kicked off his recording career with five consecutive Top 20 singles and a series of hugely-popular hit EPs and LPs. He even managed to survive the first onslaught of the Beat Boom before graduating to a career spent largely in the Northern clubs, cabaret, summer seasons and ultimately, the Folk circuit. This compilation comprises his first two LPs, an EP and four non-album singles, and includes most of his significant hits.
It remains an entirely unique body of work.