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CHUCK MILLER - Vim Vam Vamoose

Chronology Series

Great Boogie Woogie stylist from the 1950s. Hits and hard to find rare sides from the Mercury and Capitol labels. This Boogie-Woogie piano player had a huge U.S. hit in 1955 with ëThe House Of Blue Lights', a rocking version of an Andrews Sisters song that had previously been a hit in 1946 for it's co-auther Frank Slack. His only other chart hit was ëThe Auctioneer' a country song that became a hit in 1959 and is probably his best remembered song. Anothther gap in the availability of some classic sides from the rock ën' roll era. 35 fine tracks most of which have been out of print for years and never available on CD untill now!

Tracks - Hopahula Boogie: Idaho Red: The House Of Blue Lights: Can't Help Wonderin': Hawk-Eye: Something To Live For: Lookout Mountain: Boogie Blues: Bright Red Convertible: Baltimore Jones: Cool It Baby!: Vim Vam Vamoose: The Auctioneer: Baby Doll: Miller's Boogie: I Can't Give You Anything But Love: Cow Cow Boogie: Re-Enlistment Blues: September In The Rain: Chuck's Boogie: Good Mornin' Darlin' (It's Time To Say Goodnight): Bye Bye Love: Rang Tang Ding Dong (The Japanese Sandman): Plaything: After Yesterday: Down The Road A-Piece: Mad About Her Blues: G I Jive: Shoo Shoo Baby: Heart And Soul: Swingin' On A Star: How Many Hearts Have You Broken?: Five Minutes More: Saturday Night Fish Fry: Up A Lazy River.

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