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Janis Martin
My Girl Janis

Janis Martin was marketed as ‘The Female Elvis’ ...   

Just fifteen years of age when she was signed by Elvis Presley’s label, RCA-Victor, JANIS MARTIN was effectively the first ‘new’ female Rock’n’Roller - rivals like Wanda Jackson having already long been active in the Country music field.  Janis was marketed as “The Female Elvis” and she charted heavily with her very first record, ‘Will You, Willyum’/‘Drug Store Rock’n’Roll’, which sold 750,000 copies.  Her early discs - notably ‘Ooby Doobie’, ‘My Boy Elvis’ and ‘Love Me To Pieces’ - were all huge sellers, particularly across the South, and several went on to become surprise overseas successes in Europe, South Africa, Australia and Japan.  Her international popularity led to one of the rarest, most collectable Elvis artefacts of all time.  In 1958, the South African division of RCA released a 10”, 8-track, LP titled ‘Janis And Elvis’, comprising four tracks by each artist.  It was hastily withdrawn once Presley’s manager, Colonel Tom Parker, learned of its existence and has gone on to become a ‘holy grail’ item among Elvis collectors. This compilation comprises the nine singles which Janis cut for RCA between 1956-58, alongside the four tracks which comprised her super-rare ‘Just Squeeze Me’ EP, plus four further sides unreleased at the time.

Tracklisting - Will You, Willyum: Drug Store Rock’n’Roll: Ooby Dooby: One More Year To Go: My Boy Elvis: Little Bit: Barefoot Baby: Let’s Elope Baby: Love Me To Pieces: Two Long Years: Love And Kisses: I’ll Never Be Free: Just Squeeze Me (Don’t Tease Me): My Confession: I Don’t Hurt Anymore: Half Loved: All Right Baby: Billy Boy, Billy Boy: Crackerjack: Good Love: Bang Bang: Please Be My Love: Love Me, Love: Blues Keep Calling: William: Love Me Love (cha-cha).

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