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BOBBY CHARLES - After A While, Crocodile...
The 50s Anthology

Just about the ultimate cult artist, Bobby Charles was a genuine one-off - a fabulous songwriter and a great singer, who actively avoided pursuing either commercial success or even a regular recording career.  This compilation anthologises his 1950s recordings, comprising the tracks that he recorded for Chess Records between 1956-57, including his original version of ‘See You Later Alligator’, plus the almost unfeasibly rare half-dozen singles he cut for Imperial in 1958-59, which have never previously been re-released.

See You Later, Alligator
On Bended Knee
Hey Good Lookin’
Why Did You Leave
Don’t You Know I Love You
Watch It, Sprocket
Time Will Tell
Take It Easy, Greasy
Ain’t Got No Home
Laura Lee
No Use Knocking
Put Your Arms Around Me, Honey
Why Can’t You
Lonely Street
Mr Moon
I’ll Turn Square For You
No More (I Ain’t Gonna Do It)
You Can Suit Yourself
One Eyed Jack
Yea Yea Baby
Good Lovin’
Since She’s Gone
At The Jamboree
Since I Lost You
Oh! Yeah
What Can I Do
The Town Is Talking
Bye Bye Baby
Those Eyes
What A Party
I Just Want You
Four Winds
Nothing As Sweet As You

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