NEH3X1 - My Bonnie Lies Over The Ocean: British Songs In The USA: 827565060702
2CD Artist Title ISRC
CD1: 1 JOHN HAMMOND Purty Polly GB-TCL-15-06611
2 UNCLE DAVE MACON The Girl I Left Behind Me GB-TCL-15-06612
3 FIDDLIN' JOHN CARSON The Boston Burglar GB-TCL-15-06613
4 RILEY PUCKETT The Boston Burglar GB-TCL-15-06614
5 KELLY HARRELL O! Molly Dear Go Ask Your Mother GB-TCL-15-06615
6 CHARLIE POOLE The Highwayman GB-TCL-15-06616
7 EARL JOHNSON Three Nights Experience GB-TCL-15-06617
8 FESS WILLIAMS Gambler's Blues GB-TCL-15-06618
9 DOCK BOGGS Pretty Polly GB-TCL-15-06619
10 TAYLOR'S KENTUCKY BOYS Maxwell Girl GB-TCL-15-06620
11 B. F. SHELTON Pretty Polly GB-TCL-15-06621
12 GRAYSON & WHITTER Handsome Molly GB-TCL-15-06622
13 GRAYSON & WHITTER Rose Conley GB-TCL-15-06623
14 LEAKE COUNTY REVELERS My Bonnie Lies Over The Ocean GB-TCL-15-06624
15 GID TANNER Old McDonald Had A Farm GB-TCL-15-06625
16 GID TANNER It's A Long Way To Tipperary GB-TCL-15-06626
18 DARBY & TARLTON Columbus Stockade Blues GB-TCL-15-06628
19 BUELL KAZEE Lady Gay GB-TCL-15-06629
20 BUELL KAZEE The Butcher's Boy GB-TCL-15-06630
23 ROY HARVEY George Collins GB-TCL-15-06633
24 ERNEST v. STONEMAN Down On The Banks Of The Ohio GB-TCL-15-06634
25 BLIND WILLIE DAVIS Rock Of Ages GB-TCL-15-06635
CD2: 1 CARTER FAMILY I Have No One To Love Me (But The Sailor In The Deep Blue Sea) GB-TCL-15-06636
2 SAM MCGHEE As Willie and Mary Strolled by the Seashore GB-TCL-15-06637
3 GRAYSON & WHITTER Where Are You Going Alice? GB-TCL-15-06638
4 FRANK LUTHER Barbara Allen GB-TCL-15-06639
5 CHUBBY PARKER King Kong Kitchie Kitchie Ki- Me- O GB-TCL-15-06640
6 FRANK HUTCHISON Wild Hogs In The Red Brush GB-TCL-15-06641
7 CAROLINA TAR HEELS Can't You Remember When Your Heart Was Mine? GB-TCL-15-06642
8 BILL & BELLE REED The Old Lady & The Devil GB-TCL-15-06643
9 STONEMAN FAMILY The Spanish Merchant's Daughter GB-TCL-15-06644
10 LEAKE COUNTY REVELERS Molly Put The Kettle On GB-TCL-15-06645
11 RUTHERFORD & FOSTER Storms May Rule The Ocean GB-TCL-15-06646
12 KELLY HARRELL Cave Love Has Gained the Day GB-TCL-15-06647
13 CAROLINA TAR HEELS Rude And Rambling Man GB-TCL-15-06648
14 CHARLIE POOLE He Rambled GB-TCL-15-06649
15 DICK JUSTICE Henry Lee GB-TCL-15-06650
16 I. G. GREER Sweet William And Fair Ellen Pt. 1 GB-TCL-15-06651
17 I. G. GREER Sweet William And Fair Ellen Pt. 2 GB-TCL-15-06652
18 BYRD MOORE & HIS HOT SHOTS Three Men Went A- Hunting GB-TCL-15-06653
19 CLARENCE ASHLEY The Coo Coo Bird GB-TCL-15-06654
21 NELSTONE'S HAWAIIANS Fatal Flower Garden GB-TCL-15-06656
22 CARSON BROTHERS & SPRINKLE The Old Miller's Will GB-TCL-15-06657
23 COLEY JONES Drunken Special GB-TCL-15-06658
24 CHARLIE POOLE My Gypsy Girl GB-TCL-15-06659
25 BRADLEY KINCAID Barbara Allen GB-TCL-15-06660
CD3: 1 CAROLINA BUDDIES In A Cottage By The Sea GB-TCL-15-06661
2 CLARENCE ASHLEY The House Carpenter GB-TCL-15-06662
3 GID TANNER Devilish Mary GB-TCL-15-06663
4 THE OAKS FAMILY Wake Up, You Drowsy Sleeper GB-TCL-15-06664
5 JIMMIE TARLTON Lowe Bonnie GB-TCL-15-06665
6 BILL SHEPARD Aunt Jane Blues GB-TCL-15-06666
7 BLIND BLAKE Champagne Charlie's My Name GB-TCL-15-06667
8 CARTER FAMILY I Will Never Marry GB-TCL-15-06668
9 ASA MARTIN Crawling And Creeping GB-TCL-15-06669
10 CARTER FAMILY Sinking In The Lonesome Sea GB-TCL-15-06670
11 CARTER FAMILY Can the Circle Be Unbroken (By and By) GB-TCL-15-06671
12 BIG BILL BROONZY Keep Your Hands Off Her GB-TCL-15-06672
13 DAW HENSON Lady Margaret and Sweet William GB-TCL-15-06673
14 PETE STEELE Pretty Polly GB-TCL-15-06674
15 COON CREEK GIRLS Pretty Polly GB-TCL-15-06675
16 DIXON BROTHERS Story of George Collins GB-TCL-15-06676
17 LEADBELLY The Gallis Pole GB-TCL-15-06677
18 CLIFF CARLISLE Black Jack David GB-TCL-15-06678
19 BLUE SKY BOYS Mary Of The Wild Moore GB-TCL-15-06679
20 MORRIS BROWN QUARTET Drink To Me Only With Thine Eyes GB-TCL-15-06680
21 CARTER FAMILY Black Jack David GB-TCL-15-06681
22 BLIND WILLIE MCTELL Amazing Grace GB-TCL-15-06682
23 WADE MAINER Ramblin' Boy GB-TCL-15-06683
24 CARTER FAMILY The Wave On The Sea GB-TCL-15-06684
25 BILL MONROE Footprints In The Snow. GB-TCL-15-06685