RHGB38 VARIOUS Venus In Blue Jeans - Great British Record Labels: Pye        
CD1 - 1 CD1: MARK WYNTER Venus In Blue Jeans Greenfield/Keller EMI Music Publishing Ltd 827565060740 GB-TCL-15-06793
2 JULIE GRANT Up On The Roof Goffin/King Screen Gems-EMI Music Ltd 827565060740 GB-TCL-15-06794
3 EMILE FORD & THE CHECKMATES Counting Teardrops Greenfield/Mann EMI Music Publishing Ltd 827565060740 GB-TCL-15-06795
4 THE PACKABEATS Theme From “The Traitors” Douglas Universal/Dick James Music Ltd 827565060740 GB-TCL-15-06796
5 THE VISCOUNTS That Stranger Used To Be My Girl Brown/Weismantal Carlin Music Corp 827565060740 GB-TCL-15-06797
6 EDEN KANE Hot Chocolate Crazy Sears Cromwell Music Ltd 827565060740 GB-TCL-15-06798
7 THE EAGLES Exodus - Main Theme Gold Warner-Chappell Music Ltd 827565060740 GB-TCL-15-06799
8 THE BROOK BROTHERS Warpaint Greenfield/Mann Screen Gems-EMI Music Ltd 827565060740 GB-TCL-15-06800
9 JIMMY JUSTICE When My Little Girl Is Smiling Goffin/King Screen Gems-EMI Music Ltd 827565060740 GB-TCL-15-06801
10 VALERIE MOUNTAIN Some People Vandyke TRO Essex Music Ltd 827565060740 GB-TCL-15-06802
11 PHIL FERNANDO WITH DAVE LEE’S BANDITS Make Ready For Love Blackwell EMI United Partnership Ltd 827565060740 GB-TCL-15-06803
12 KENNY BALL & HIS JAZZMEN Midnight In Moscow trad, arr: Ball Tyler Music Ltd 827565060740 GB-TCL-15-06804
13 THE KESTRELS There Comes A Time Scott peermusic (UK) Ltd 827565060740 GB-TCL-15-06805
14 BOBBY DEACON A Fool Was I Roberts/Kinsell Acorn Publishing 827565060740 GB-TCL-15-06806
15 JOHNNY BEV No Peace Of Mind Beveridge peermusic (UK) Ltd 827565060740 GB-TCL-15-06807
16 RON GRAINER & HIS GROUP Old Ned (Theme From “Steptoe & Son”) Grainer TRO Essex Music Ltd 827565060740 GB-TCL-15-06808
17 PETULA CLARK Baby Lover Merrell Cromwell Music Ltd 827565060740 GB-TCL-15-06809
18 BEN BOWERS WITH BERTIE KING’S ROYAL JAMAICANS Not Me Bowers Musicare Ltd 827565060740 GB-TCL-15-06810
19 JOE BROWN What’s The Name Of The Game Westlake/Subotsky Carlin Music Corp 827565060740 GB-TCL-15-06811
20 CHICK WITH THE TED CAMERON GROUP & THE DJS Early In The Morning Duke peermusic (UK) Ltd 827565060740 GB-TCL-15-06812
21 JOSH MACRAE High Class Feeling Finn Esquire Music Co 827565060740 GB-TCL-15-06813
22 THE CHECKMATES Tornado unknown copyright control 827565060740 GB-TCL-15-06814
23 LANCE FORTUNE Be Mine (Alle Madchen Wollen Kussen) Menke/Panas/Lueth/Stellman peermusic (UK) Ltd 827565060740 GB-TCL-15-06815
24 DAVID MACBETH Mr Blue Blackwell Chappell-Morris Ltd 827565060740 GB-TCL-15-06816
25 COLIN HICKS Little Boy Blue Bart EMI Music Publishing Ltd 827565060740 GB-TCL-15-06817
26 THE TONY HATCH ORCHESTRA Ghost Squad (Theme From The T.V. Series) Green Universal/Dick James Music Ltd 827565060740 GB-TCL-15-06818
27 MIKI & GRIFF WITH THE LONNIE DONEGAN GROUP Hold Back Tomorrow Pierce/Watson/Stewart EMI United Partnership Ltd 827565060740 GB-TCL-15-06819
28 DICKIE VALENTINE One More Sunrise (Morgen) Moesser/Sherman IQ Music Ltd 827565060740 GB-TCL-15-06820
29 LITA ROZA You’re The Greatest Mann/Lowe Lowe Music Publishing 827565060740 GB-TCL-15-06821
30 THE BREAKAWAYS He’s A Rebel Pitney Warner/Chappell North America Ltd 827565060740 GB-TCL-15-06822
31 BENNY HILL Pepys’ Diary Hill copyright control 827565060740 GB-TCL-15-06823
32 THE JEFF ROWENA GROUP Ten Ton Caroline Rowena/Williams Cromwell Music Ltd 827565060740 GB-TCL-15-06824
33 LONNIE DONEGAN & HIS GROUP My Old Man’s A Dustman (Ballad Of A Refuse Disposal Officer) Donegan/Buchanan/Thorn Tyler Music Ltd 827565060740 GB-TCL-15-06825
CD2 - 1 EMILE FORD & THE CHECKMATES What Do You Want To Make Those Eyes At Me For? Monaco/McCarthy/Johnson EMI United Partnership Ltd 827565060740 GB-TCL-15-06826
2 THE BROOK BROTHERS Ain’t Gonna Wash For A Week Geld/Udell Universal Music Publishing Ltd 827565060740 GB-TCL-15-06827
3 JIMMY JUSTICE Dawning Barkan/Powers Bug Music (Windswept account);  827565060740 GB-TCL-15-06828
4 THE FLEE-REKKERS Brer Robert Fleerakkers Ivy Music Ltd 827565060740 GB-TCL-15-06829
5 DANNY DAVIS Tell Me Goddard peermusic (UK) Ltd 827565060740 GB-TCL-15-06830
6 MARK WYNTER Go Away Little Girl Goffin/King Screen Gems-EMI Music Ltd 827565060740 GB-TCL-15-06831
7 THE BILL SHEPHERD ORCHESTRA Tequila Rio EMI Music Publishing Ltd;  827565060740 GB-TCL-15-06832
8 RAY ELLINGTON Charlie Brown Leiber/Stoller Carlin Music Corp 827565060740 GB-TCL-15-06833
9 PETULA CLARK Alone Craft/Craft Universal/MCA Music Ltd 827565060740 GB-TCL-15-06834
10 PETE CHESTER & THE CONSULATES Ten Swingin’ Bottles trad, arr: Gale Universal Music Publishing MGB Ltd 827565060740 GB-TCL-15-06835
11 JOHNNY DUNCAN & THE BLUE GRASS BOYS Sleepy Eyed John Dudley Imagem Music 827565060740 GB-TCL-15-06836
12 CHRIS BARBER & HIS JAZZ BAND FEATURING OTTILIE PATTERSON Georgia Grind Blythe, arr: Patterson Paul Rodriguez Music Ltd 827565060740 GB-TCL-15-06837
13 MR ACKER BILK’S PARAMOUNT JAZZ BAND Travelling Blues Austin Paul Rodriguez Music Ltd 827565060740 GB-TCL-15-06838
14 THE MIGHTY TERROR T.V. Calypso Henry Ice Music Ltd 827565060740 GB-TCL-15-06839
15 GARY MILLER The Garden Of Eden Norwood MCA Music Ltd 827565060740 GB-TCL-15-06840
16 JOHN FRASER Bye Bye Love Bryant/Bryant Sony/ATV Music Publishing (UK) Ltd 827565060740 GB-TCL-15-06841
17 KEN CAVALIER Kathleen McSwiney Francis Day & Hunter Ltd 827565060740 GB-TCL-15-06842
18 THE ORIGINAL CHECKMATES Checkmate Stomp Hawkshaw/Hartt/Sweetnam/Sweetnam peermusic (UK) Ltd 827565060740 GB-TCL-15-06843
19 CHERRY WAINER Valencia Padilla Henrees Music Co 827565060740 GB-TCL-15-06844
20 EDEN KANE You Make Love So Well Ruvin/Hirst Progressive Music 827565060740 GB-TCL-15-06845
21 DEAN STERLING & THE TEEN-BEATS Lost Love Sterling copyright control 827565060740 GB-TCL-15-06846
22 IAIN GREGORY Can’t You Hear The Beat Of A Broken Heart Duke peermusic (UK) Ltd 827565060740 GB-TCL-15-06847
23 THE ROULETTES Hully Gully Slip’n’Slide Vandyke TRO Essex Music Ltd 827565060740 GB-TCL-15-06848
24 DAVY JONES Scenery unknown copyright control 827565060740 GB-TCL-15-06849
25 JULIAN Can’t Wait Bart Youngstar Music Ltd 827565060740 GB-TCL-15-06850
26 PETER KNIGHT & THE KNIGHTRIDERS Lucky Stars (Theme From “Thank Your Lucky Stars”) Knight EMI Film & Theatre Music Ltd 827565060740 GB-TCL-15-06851
27 MARION RYAN Cry Me A River Hamilton Warner/Chappell North America Ltd 827565060740 GB-TCL-15-06852
28 DIANA DORS Roller Coaster Blues Barere/Fuller TRO Essex Music Ltd 827565060740 GB-TCL-15-06853
29 KATHY KIRBY Love Can Be Westlake/Rogers Carlin Music Corp 827565060740 GB-TCL-15-06854
30 JO PETERS When Opportunity Knocks unknown copyright control 827565060740 GB-TCL-15-06855
31 JOE ‘MR PIANO’ HENDERSON Treble Chance Henderson copyright control 827565060740 GB-TCL-15-06856
32 LORD INVADER Teddy Boy Calypso Grant Onward Music Ltd 827565060740 GB-TCL-15-06857
33 KENNY BALL & HIS JAZZMEN Sukiyaki Nakamura EMI Music Publishing Ltd 827565060740 GB-TCL-15-06858
34 LONNIE DONEGAN & HIS SKIFFLE GROUP Cumberland Gap trad, arr: Donegan TRO Essex Music Ltd 827565060740 GB-TCL-15-06859