RHGB43 – GREAT BRITISH RECORD LABELS - Parlophone BC: 827565060979
Track ARTIST Title ISRC writer published
CD1 - 1 Poor Me GB-TCL-16-07292
2 Love Me Do GB-TCL-16-07293
3 Cindy's Birthday GB-TCL-16-07294
4 Tease Me GB-TCL-16-07295
5 Please Don't Touch GB-TCL-16-07296
6 Let's Get Together GB-TCL-16-07297
7 Who Could Be Bluer? GB-TCL-16-07298
8 Walk On Boy GB-TCL-16-07299
9 Trouble Shooter GB-TCL-16-07300
10 Big Blon' Baby GB-TCL-16-07301
11 Don't Tell Me Your Troubles GB-TCL-16-07302
12 I'm In Love With You GB-TCL-16-07303
13 The Breeze And I GB-TCL-16-07304
14 If You Don't Know GB-TCL-16-07305
15 Be My Girl GB-TCL-16-07306
16 Put A Ring On Her Finger GB-TCL-16-07307
17 Gonna Get Along Without You Now GB-TCL-16-07308
18 Every Day GB-TCL-16-07309
19 Saturday's Child GB-TCL-16-07310
20 You're My Only Girl GB-TCL-16-07311
21 Do You Still Love Me GB-TCL-16-07312
22 Gypsy Beat GB-TCL-16-07313
23 Uptown GB-TCL-16-07314
24 I Haven't Got You GB-TCL-16-07315
25 No Other Arms, No Other Lips GB-TCL-16-07316
26 Caravan Of Lonely Men GB-TCL-16-07317
27 Melodie D'Amour GB-TCL-16-07318
28 Will I What? GB-TCL-16-07319
29 Swinging Ghosts GB-TCL-16-07320
30 The Horror Show GB-TCL-16-07321
31 Mr Custer GB-TCL-16-07322
32 Big Note Blues GB-TCL-16-07323
33 Pasadena GB-TCL-16-07324
34 Goodness Gracious Me GB-TCL-16-07325
CD2 -1 Come Outside GB-TCL-16-07326
2 When Johnny Comes Marching Home GB-TCL-16-07327
3 P.S. I Love You GB-TCL-16-07328
4 I'm A Moody Guy GB-TCL-16-07329
5 Brand New Cadillac GB-TCL-16-07330
6 Little John GB-TCL-16-07331
7 Get Your Daddie's Car Tonight GB-TCL-16-07332
8 Over And Over GB-TCL-16-07333
9 Do I Worry GB-TCL-16-07334
10 It's Not Too Late GB-TCL-16-07335
11 Web Of Love GB-TCL-16-07336
12 (Ghost) Riders In The Sky GB-TCL-16-07337
13 I've Just Fallen For Someone GB-TCL-16-07338
14 Garden Of Happiness GB-TCL-16-07339
15 Till I See You Cry GB-TCL-16-07340
16 When I Get Paid GB-TCL-16-07341
17 It's Bluesy GB-TCL-16-07342
18 Love Me True GB-TCL-16-07343
19 Everything GB-TCL-16-07344
20 Mister One And Only GB-TCL-16-07345
21 Your Nose Is Gonna Grow GB-TCL-16-07346
22 Torture GB-TCL-16-07347
23 Baby, Why GB-TCL-16-07348
24 This Song Is Just For You GB-TCL-16-07349
25 Time Beat GB-TCL-16-07350
26 House Of Bamboo GB-TCL-16-07351
27 I'll Never Fall In Love Again GB-TCL-16-07352
28 Portrait Of My Love GB-TCL-16-07353
29 The Wall GB-TCL-16-07354
30 He's Got The Whole World In His Hands GB-TCL-16-07355
31 Hole In The Ground GB-TCL-16-07356
32 Bad Penny Blues GB-TCL-16-07357
33 Ducks Away From My Fishin' GB-TCL-16-07358
34 Ukelele Lady GB-TCL-16-07359