RHGB44 – Piccadilly '827565061235 title ISRC writers publisher
CD1-1 CD1 JOE BROWN & THE BRUVVERS A Picture Of You GB-TCL-16-07360 Beveridge/Oakman peermusic (UK) Ltd
2 THE CHARIOTS Song Of A Broken Heart GB-TCL-16-07361 Leander/Parrish/Ross Freddie Poser Music Ltd
3 PAT READER Cha Cha On The Moon GB-TCL-16-07362 Bridges/Rose peermusic (UK) Ltd
4 JACKIE LYNTON Don't Take Away Your Love GB-TCL-16-07363 Goodman Warner/Chappell North America Ltd
5 EMILE FORD & THE CHECKMATES The Rains Came GB-TCL-16-07364 Meaux Carlin Music Corp
6 CARTER, LEWIS & THE SOUTHERNERS So Much In Love GB-TCL-16-07365 Shakespeare/Hawker peermusic (UK) Ltd
7 BUDDY BRITTEN & THE REGENTS Long Gone Baby GB-TCL-16-07366 Church/Gibson Campbell Connelly & Co Ltd
8 BEN RICHMOND Blue Bird GB-TCL-16-07367 De Angelis/Arduini/Pistilli Universal/MCA Music Ltd
9 DAVY JONES Jezebel GB-TCL-16-07368 Shanklin Carlin Music Corp
10 EMILE FORD & THE CHECKMATES Gypsy Love GB-TCL-16-07369 Scott peermusic (UK) Ltd
11 SIMONE JACKSON Pop-Pop-Pop-Pie GB-TCL-16-07370 Madara/White Jamie Music Publishing Co
12 DANNY STORM Honest I Do GB-TCL-16-07371 Hurran/Calvert Cromwell Music Ltd
13 CUDDLY DUDLEY Ferryboat Ride GB-TCL-16-07372 Slavin/Gail Carlin Music Corp
14 JOHNNY KEATING & THE Z MEN Ya Ya GB-TCL-16-07373 Dorsey/Robinson/Lewis TRO Essex Music Ltd
15 THE DELAINE SISTERS It Might As Well Rain Until September GB-TCL-16-07374 Goffin/King Screen Gems-EMI Music Ltd
16 THE KESTRELS Wolverton Mountain GB-TCL-16-07375 Kilgore/King Shapiro Bernstein & Co Ltd
17 GARY JONES It's Over GB-TCL-16-07376 Jones/Vaughan TRO Essex Music Ltd
18 THE CHECKMATES Rockin' Minstrel GB-TCL-16-07377 Checkmates peermusic (UK) Ltd
19 THE FLEE-REKKERS Miller Like Wow! GB-TCL-16-07378 Fleerackers Ivy Music Ltd
20 CARTER, LEWIS & THE SOUTHERNERS Here's Hopin' GB-TCL-16-07379 Reed/Stephens peermusic (UK) Ltd
21 CANDY SPARLING Can You Keep A Secret GB-TCL-16-07380 Murray Universal/Dick James Music Ltd
22 DAVID MARTIN Why Have You Treated Me This Way GB-TCL-16-07381 Rudi Mills Music Ltd
23 DAVID MACBETH Roses Are Red (My Love) GB-TCL-16-07382 Evans/Byron EMI United Partnership Ltd
24 RONNIE HALL She's Mine GB-TCL-16-07383 Sill/Matola/Silver Chappell Music
25 EMILE FORD & THE CHECKMATES Half Of My Heart GB-TCL-16-07384 White/George peermusic (UK) Ltd
26 DONNA DOUGLAS Tammy, Tell Me True GB-TCL-16-07385 Squires Chappell Music Ltd
27 THE PICCADILLY STRINGS Sir Francis Drake GB-TCL-16-07386 Ventura Robbins Music
28 DICK JORDAN Fortune Teller GB-TCL-16-07387 Dyer/Hurdon Universal Music Publishing MGB Ltd
29 AL SAXON There I've Said It Again GB-TCL-16-07388 Evans/Mann Campbell Connelly & Co Ltd
30 VINCE HILL The River's Run Dry GB-TCL-16-07389 Vandyke peermusic (UK) Ltd
31 JOYCE BLAIR & OLIVER REED Baby, It's Cold Outside GB-TCL-16-07390 Loesser MPL UK Publishing
32 BRYAN TAYLOR The Donkey's Tale GB-TCL-16-07391 Goodwin/Hare EMI Music Publishing Ltd
33 JOE BROWN & THE BRUVVERS A Lay-About's Lament GB-TCL-16-07392 Klein Kassner Associated Publishers Ltd
34 THE DAVE CLARK FIVE FEATURING MIKE SMITH That's What I Said GB-TCL-16-07393 Clark/Ryan Peter Maurice Music Co Ltd
CD2-1 THE CHARIOTS Problem Girl GB-TCL-16-07394 Stephens Freddie Poser Music
2 EMILE FORD & THE CHECKMATES Hush, Someone's Calling My Name GB-TCL-16-07395 Otis/Young/Hendricks ) Sony/ATV Harmony UK
3 DAVY JONES Don't Come Crying To Me GB-TCL-16-07396 Kasha/Thomas Spanka Music Ltd
4 DAVID MARTIN Cinderella Romeo GB-TCL-16-07397 Peters/Paul Henrees Music Co
5 DANNY STORM I Just Can't Fool My Heart GB-TCL-16-07398 Klein copyright control
6 DONNA DOUGLAS Memory Lane GB-TCL-16-07399 Anthony Chappell & Co (London) Ltd
7 JACKIE LYNTON All Of Me GB-TCL-16-07400 Simons/Marks Kassner Associated Publishers Ltd
8 JOE BROWN & THE BRUVVERS The Other Side Of Town GB-TCL-16-07401 Brown Mistletoe Melodies Ltd
9 JOHNNY KEATING Theme From Z-Cars GB-TCL-16-07402 Fry TRO Essex Music Ltd
10 THE LES REED BRASS The Saint GB-TCL-16-07403 Astley Welbeck Music Ltd
11 CANDY SPARLING When's He Gonna Kiss Me GB-TCL-16-07404 Papworth B. Feldman & Co Ltd
12 CARTER, LEWIS & THE SOUTHERNERS Poor Joe GB-TCL-16-07405 Duke Ivy Music Ltd
13 THE KESTRELS Love Me With All Your Heart GB-TCL-16-07406 Vaughn/Rigual/Rigual/Martinoli Latin-American Music Pub Ltd
14 EMILE FORD & THE CHECKMATES Vaya Con Dios GB-TCL-16-07407 James/Pepper/Russell Wixen Music Publishing Inc
15 JIM DALE My Resistance Is Low GB-TCL-16-07408 Carmichael/Adamson peermusic (UK) Ltd
16 RONNIE HALL The Code Of Love GB-TCL-16-07409 Praverman Kassner Associated Publishers Ltd
17 THE DELAINE SISTERS Puppet On A String GB-TCL-16-07410 Fishman/Newman Dick James Music Ltd
18 THE COUNTRYMEN I Know Where I'm Going GB-TCL-16-07411 trad, arr: Hughes Boosey & Hawkes
19 THE CHECKMATES Pompeii GB-TCL-16-07412 Checkmates peermusic (UK) Ltd
20 JOE BROWN Crazy Mixed Up Kid GB-TCL-16-07413 Murray Cromwell Music Ltd
21 BRYAN TAYLOR Let It Snow On Christmas Day GB-TCL-16-07414 Hiller/Hiller EMI Music Publishing Ltd
22 JACKIE LYNTON Over The Rainbow GB-TCL-16-07415 Arlen/Harburg EMI Music Publishing Ltd
23 PENNY Who Does He Think He Is GB-TCL-16-07416 Garson/Hilliard Shapiro Bernstein & Co Ltd
24 THE FLEE-REKKERS Twistin' The Chestnuts GB-TCL-16-07417 Kennedy/Kennedy/Connor Peter Maurice Music Co Ltd
25 VINCE HILL Just As Long As (You Belong To Me) GB-TCL-16-07418 Goddard peermusic (UK) Ltd
26 DICK JORDAN Some Of These Days GB-TCL-16-07419 Brooks Francis Day & Hunter Ltd
27 CLEO LAINE Something's Gotta Give GB-TCL-16-07420 Mercer Warner/Chappell North America Ltd
28 OLIVER REED Sometimes GB-TCL-16-07421 Clark/Ryan Cromwell Music Ltd
29 AL SAXON Evil Eye GB-TCL-16-07422 Russell/Saxon Campbell Connelly & Co Ltd
30 PAT READER May Your Heart Stay Young Forever GB-TCL-16-07423 Connor/Cochrane peermusic (UK) Ltd
31 CARTER, LEWIS & THE SOUTHERNERS Back On The Scene GB-TCL-16-07424 Shakespeare/Hawker peermusic (UK) Ltd
32 THE DAVE CLARK FIVE FEATURING MIKE SMITH I Knew It All The Time GB-TCL-16-07425 Murray Keith Prowse Music Publishing Ltd
33 BUDDY BRITTEN & THE REGENTS My Pride, My Joy GB-TCL-16-07426 Britten Notting Hill Music (UK) Ltd
34 JOE BROWN & THE BRUVVERS It Only Took A Minute GB-TCL-16-07427 Garson/David BMG Rights Management (UK) Ltd