CD1 - 1 Marty Wilde A Teenager In Love GB-TCL-16-07652
2 The Springfields Island Of Dreams GB-TCL-16-07653
3 Tony Allen My Heart Is Free GB-TCL-16-07654
4 Dean Stevens I’ve Just Heard GB-TCL-16-07655
5 Susan Maughan Hand A Handkerchief To Helen GB-TCL-16-07656
6 Rosemary Lane Who Does He Think He Is? GB-TCL-16-07657
7 Frank Weir & His Werewolves Chant Of The Jungle GB-TCL-16-07658
8 Frankie Vaughan The Green Door GB-TCL-16-07659
9 Sonny Stewart & His Skiffle Kings The Northern Line GB-TCL-16-07660
10 Marty Wilde Honeycomb GB-TCL-16-07661
11 Art Baxter & His Rock’n’Roll Sinners Don’t Knock The Rock GB-TCL-16-07662
12 Jimmy Lloyd Ever Since I Met Lucy GB-TCL-16-07663
13 Dennis Newey Border Patrol GB-TCL-16-07664
14 Tony Allen Mr. Happiness GB-TCL-16-07665
15 Roy Tierney Cupid GB-TCL-16-07666
16 Ronnie Carroll (You’ve Got To) Move Two Mountains GB-TCL-16-07667
17 The Bill McGuffie Quartet Out Of Cigarettes GB-TCL-16-07668
18 Shirley Bassey Tra La La GB-TCL-16-07669
19 Anne Shelton Lay Down Your Arms GB-TCL-16-07670
20 The Kaye Sisters Are You Ready, Freddy? GB-TCL-16-07671
21 Johnny Gentle After My Laughter Came Tears GB-TCL-16-07672
22 The Volcanos Ruby-Duby-Du GB-TCL-16-07673
23 Brian Bentley & The Bachelors Please Make Up Your Mind GB-TCL-16-07674
24 The Springfields Silver Threads And Golden Needles GB-TCL-16-07675
25 Joyce Shock Personality GB-TCL-16-07676
26 Johnny Gentle Sonja GB-TCL-16-07677
27 Lynda Graham When I’m Sixteen GB-TCL-16-07678
28 Shirley Bassey As I Love You GB-TCL-16-07679
29 Rose Brennan Listen To Me GB-TCL-16-07680
30 Marty Wilde The Fire Of Love GB-TCL-16-07681
31 Frankie Vaughan The Garden Of Eden GB-TCL-16-07682
32 Ronnie Carroll Roses Are Red (My Love) GB-TCL-16-07683
33 Susan Maughan Bobby’s Girl GB-TCL-16-07684
CD2  -1 Frankie Vaughan Tower Of Strength GB-TCL-16-07685
2 Marty Wilde Jezebel GB-TCL-16-07686
3 Susan Maughan Mama Do The Twist GB-TCL-16-07687
4 Shirley Bassey If I Had A Needle And Thread GB-TCL-16-07688
5 Jimmy Lloyd Humma Humma Humma Humming Bird GB-TCL-16-07689
6 Frank Weir & His Werewolves Manhunt GB-TCL-16-07690
7 The Springfields Aunt Rhody GB-TCL-16-07691
8 Roy Tierney Casanova GB-TCL-16-07692
9 Ronnie Carroll To Be Loved GB-TCL-16-07693
10 Rose Brennan Joey Joey Joey GB-TCL-16-07694
11 Johnny Gentle Darlin’ GB-TCL-16-07695
12 Brian Bentley & The Bachelors Wishing Well GB-TCL-16-07696
13 The Bill McGuffie Quintet Give Seven GB-TCL-16-07697
14 Frankie Vaughan Seventeen GB-TCL-16-07698
15 Marty Wilde Misery’s Child GB-TCL-16-07699
16 Tony Allen (In The) Fool’s Hall Of Fame GB-TCL-16-07700
17 Sally Green When’s He Gonna Kiss Me? GB-TCL-16-07701
18 Dennis Newey Title Unknown GB-TCL-16-07702
19 The Springfields Dear John GB-TCL-16-07703
20 Gill & Terry Hallelujah GB-TCL-16-07704
21 Tommy Reilly Blow, Man, Blow GB-TCL-16-07705
22 The Kaye Sisters Love Me Forever GB-TCL-16-07706
23 Anne Shelton Sailor GB-TCL-16-07707
24 Shani Wallis Sixteen Reasons GB-TCL-16-07708
25 Frankie Vaughan Wanderin’ Eyes GB-TCL-16-07709
26 Shirley Bassey The Banana Boat Song GB-TCL-16-07710
27 Jimmy Lloyd Witch Doctor GB-TCL-16-07711
28 Billie Laine Ev’ry Chance I Get GB-TCL-16-07712
29 Johnny Gentle Pick A Star GB-TCL-16-07713
30 Dean Stevens Sad And Lonely GB-TCL-16-07714
31 Susan Maughan I’ve Got To Learn To Forget GB-TCL-16-07715
32 The Volcanos The Great Impostor GB-TCL-16-07716
33 Marty Wilde Bad Boy GB-TCL-16-07717