RHGB46 Great British Record Labels: Top Rank (827565061310)  
1 CD1 - John Leyton Johnny Remember Me GB-TCL-16-07718
2 Ricky Wayne & The Fabulous Flee-Rakkers Hot Chick A’Roo GB-TCL-16-07719
3 Craig Douglas A Hundred Pounds Of Clay GB-TCL-16-07720
4 Bert Weedon Guitar Boogie Shuffle GB-TCL-16-07721
5 Tommy Hawke Good Gravy GB-TCL-16-07722
6 Vince Eager (I Wanna) Love My Life Away GB-TCL-16-07723
7 Danny Rivers I Got GB-TCL-16-07724
8 Gary Mills Hey Baby (You’re Pretty) GB-TCL-16-07725
9 Cherry Wainer I’ll Walk The Line GB-TCL-16-07726
10 Josh MacRae Talking Army Blues GB-TCL-16-07727
11 Jo Shelton I Need Your Arms Around Me GB-TCL-16-07728
12 Bert Weedon Sorry Robbie GB-TCL-16-07729
13 The Brook Brothers Please Help Me I’m Falling GB-TCL-16-07730
14 Rose Brennan Johnny Let Me Go GB-TCL-16-07731
15 Kenny Day Teenage Sonata GB-TCL-16-07732
16 The Knightsbridge Strings Walkin’ Shoes GB-TCL-16-07733
17 Sheila Buxton Sixteen Reasons GB-TCL-16-07734
18 Craig Douglas Pretty Blue Eyes GB-TCL-16-07735
19 Vince Eager Why GB-TCL-16-07736
20 Tony Crombie Man From Interpol - Main Theme GB-TCL-16-07737
21 Lorie Mann Dream Lover GB-TCL-16-07738
22 Pinewood Studio Orch ft. Johnny Dankworth Sapphire GB-TCL-16-07739
23 Janet Richmond Not One Minute More GB-TCL-16-07740
24 Bert Weedon Ginchy GB-TCL-16-07741
25 Jackie Dennis Summer Snow GB-TCL-16-07742
26 Russ Sainty & The Nu-Notes Standing Around GB-TCL-16-07743
27 Tony Hatch Rhoom Ba-Cha GB-TCL-16-07744
28 Mike Desmond Tua GB-TCL-16-07745
29 Des Lane (The Penny Whistle Man) Moonbird GB-TCL-16-07746
30 Adam Faith Ah, Poor Little Baby GB-TCL-16-07747
31 Big Baron Romance GB-TCL-16-07748
32 John Leyton Tell Laura I Love Her GB-TCL-16-07749
33 The Fabulous Flee-Rakkers You Are My Sunshine GB-TCL-16-07750
34 Gary Mills Look For A Star GB-TCL-16-07751
1 CD2 - Craig Douglas Time GB-TCL-16-07752
2 John Leyton Wild Wind GB-TCL-16-07753
3 Danny Rivers Hawk GB-TCL-16-07754
4 Bert Weedon Nashville Boogie GB-TCL-16-07755
5 Vince Eager The World’s Loneliest Man GB-TCL-16-07756
6 Gary Mills Comin’ Down With Love GB-TCL-16-07757
7 Adam Faith Runk Bunk GB-TCL-16-07758
8 The Knightsbridge Strings The Executioner Theme GB-TCL-16-07759
9 Janet Richmond You Got What It Takes GB-TCL-16-07760
10 The Brook Brothers When Will I Be Loved GB-TCL-16-07761
11 Betty Miller (It Took) One Kiss GB-TCL-16-07762
12 Bob Wallis & His Storyville Jazzmen Captain Morgan GB-TCL-16-07763
13 Ricky Wayne & The Fabulous Flee-Rakkers Don’t Pick On Me GB-TCL-16-07764
14 Kenneth Connor Rail Road Rock GB-TCL-16-07765
15 Big Baron Swinging Bells (Oberon Jump) GB-TCL-16-07766
16 Vince Eager Makin’ Love GB-TCL-16-07767
17 Russ Sainty & The Nu-Notes Happy-Go-Lucky Me GB-TCL-16-07768
18 Tony Crombie & His Men Drum Boogie Shuffle GB-TCL-16-07769
19 Craig Douglas Only Sixteen GB-TCL-16-07770
20 Lorie Mann So Many Ways GB-TCL-16-07771
21 Tony Hatch Stetson GB-TCL-16-07772
22 Rose Brennan My Summer Diary GB-TCL-16-07773
23 John Leyton You Took My Love For Granted GB-TCL-16-07774
24 Bert Weedon Big Beat Boogie GB-TCL-16-07775
25 Sheila Buxton Shakedown GB-TCL-16-07776
26 Mike Desmond If I Were The Sky GB-TCL-16-07777
27 Jo Shelton Tread Softly (You’re Stepping On My Heart) GB-TCL-16-07778
28 Anne Heywood Love Is GB-TCL-16-07779
29 The Harry Robinson “String Sound” The Skirl GB-TCL-16-07780
30 Gary Mills Teen Angel GB-TCL-16-07781
31 Josh MacRae Talking Guitar Blues GB-TCL-16-07782
32 Tony Hatch Chick GB-TCL-16-07783
33 Craig Douglas When My Little Girl Is Smiling GB-TCL-16-07784
34 The Fabulous Flee-Rakkers Green Jeans GB-TCL-16-07785