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CHARLIE KUNZ - Famous Piano Medleys

Features the ever popular Mr. Kunz from the latter part of his very successful career which he spent touring variety theatres and making many splendid recordings of medleys featuring the most popular tunes from that period and the past. This new Double CD is the most comprehensive collection of hits from the prime of the Charlie Kunz catalogue.

CD1 A Tree In The Meadow / I Wonder who's Kissing Her Now / Near You: Tangerine / One More Kiss / Miss You: How Green Was My Valley / Rustic Rhapsody / Deep In The Heart Of Texas: I Donít Want To Walk Without You / The Anniversary waltz / Angeline: Tea For Two / Why Do I Love You / I Want To Be Happy: Rose Marie / Indian Love Call / The Girl friend: Iíll Buy That Dream / Itís A Grand Night For Singing / It Might As Well Be Spring: Shoe Shine Boy / When Iím With You / Somebody Stole My Gal: Take My Heart / Cafe Continental / Did I Remember: In A Chapel In The Moonlight / Did You Mother Come From Ireland / Sing Baby Sing: When Did You Leave Heaven / I Dream Of San Marino / When A Lady Meets A Gentleman Down South: Sand In My Shoes / Yours / Kiss The Boy Goodbye: Marie Elena / I Donít Want To set the World On Fire / It Always Rains Before The Rainbow: Iíll Think Of You / Boa Noite / The Hut-Sut Song: Cornsilk / London Pride / I Yi Yi Yi Yi (Like You Very Much): Two Sleepy People / My Own / The Park Parade: Grandma Said / I Miss You In The Morning / Nice People: I Wonít Tell A Soul / The Donkey serenade / This Time Itís Real: I Canít Remember Her Name / The Whispering Waltz / How ëDja Like To Love Me: With A Song In My Heart / Iíll Walk Alone /Tea For Two: Youíre Just In Love / Itís A Lovely Day Today: The Best Thing For You / Washington Square Dance

CD2 In The Blue Of The Evening / Heavenly Music / Put Your Arms Around Me Honey: Close To You / Be Honest With Me / If You Please: Roll On Tomorrow / Sunday Monday Or Always / With All My Heart: Coming In On A Wing And A Prayer / In My Arms / Take It From There: I Never Mention Your Name / If I Had My Way / Ten Little Men With Feathers: You Happen Once In A Lifetime / Someday We Shall Meet Again / Pedro The Fisherman: I Couldnít Sleep A Wink Last Night / All My Life / Amor Amor: Iíll Get By / Donít Ask Me Why / Donít Sweetheart Me: Silver Wings In The Moonlight / Iíd Like To Set You To Music / Johnny Zero: You Rhyme With Everything Thatís Beautiful / Whatís The Good Word Mr Bluebird / Side By Side: There Are Such Things / Darling / I Want Somebody: I Say / When You Know Youíre Not Forgotten / Soldier Boy From Caroline: Mairzy Doats And Dozy Doats / A Journey To A Star / Youíre The Rainbow: Iím Sending My Blessings / Pocket Full Oí Pennies / Someday Soon: Iíll Walk Alone / Swinging On A Star / Shine On Victory Moon: Spring Will Be A Little Late This Year / The Echo Of A Serenade / San Fernando Valley: Moonlight Becomes Her / I Met Her On A Monday / Maryís A Grand Old Name: Constantly / At Last / When The Lights Go On Again: Dearly Beloved / As Time Goes By / A Touch Of Texas: Daybreak / For Me And My Gal / Yankee Doodle Boy: Love Is A Song / Question And Answer / Iíve Got A Gal In Kalamazoo: You Are My Sunshine / My Devotion / Thatís The Moon My Son.

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