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DICKIE VALENTINE -Daydream - Studio Hits / Live & Impressionable

As the child actor he trained as a singer and got his big break with the Ted Heath band. A popular star of the 50s and 60s who was able to bend his vocal style and provide impressions of other famous singers. However, he was much more than just an impressionist and had great success with his own brand of romantic ballads chalking up two #1 hits during the mid-1950s.

CD1 HITS & FAVOURITES - Daydreams: Dreams Can Tell A Lie: The Engagement Waltz: The Hands Of Friendship: Song Of The trees: No Such Luck: Fickle Fingers: Give Me A Carriage With Eight White Horses: You Too Can Be A Dreamer: La Rosita: King Of Dixieland: The Homing Waltz: A Blossom Fell: Broken Wings: Finger Of Suspicion: Mister Sandman: All The Time And Everywhere: I Wonder: Old Pi-Anna Rag: The Clown Who Cried: You Belong To Me: Endless: I Could Have Told You: Hello Mrs Jones (Is Mary There?): Lazy Gondolier.
CD2 LIVE & IMPRESSIONABLE - All My Songs Are For You: Mister Sandman: A Blossom Fell: Cleo And Me-o: Finger Of Suspicion: I’m Singing A Song For The Old Folks: Pretty Boy: For Me And My Girl: The Clown Who Cried: A Tap Dance (Instrumental): With A Song In My Heart (Instrumental): Knees Up Mother Brown: Rock A Bye Your Baby: Santa Lucia: Tap Dance (Instrumental): Bye Bye Blackbird: Broken Hearted:

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