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Just For Laughs! - Various Artists

50 classic comedy greats - Featuring some of the biggest stars of the era from stage, screen and radio. A truly great double CD helping of nostalgic humour to bring a smile to your face.

CD1 STANLEY HOLLOWAY - The Lion And Albert: MAX MILLER - I Never See Maggie Alone: FRANKIE HOWARD - I'm Nobody's Baby: BERNARD MILES - Over The Garden Gate: BILL KERR - Sing Me A Happy Song: HERMIONE GINGOLD & GILBERT HARDING - Takes Two To Tango: GEORGE FORMBY - You Don't Need A Licence For That: SPIKE JONES - You Always Hurt The One You Love: MAX WALL - Me And My Tune: STANLEY HOLLOWAY - Brahn Boots: FRANK CRUMIT - The Song Of The Prune: MARIE BENSON & JOHNNY BRANDON - The Chicken Song: PHIL HARRIS - The Thing: BETTY GARRETT & LARRY PARKS - Can I Come In For A Second: JIMMY DURANTE - I'm The Guy Who Find The Lost Chord: GEORGE FORMBY - Leaning On A Lampost: ARTHUR ASKEY - Have A Bit Of Pity For The Crooner: THE CHEROKEYS - Up The Old North Pole: JUDY VALENTINE - I'd Like To Wrap You Up And Put You In My Pocket: PHIL HARRIS - 44 Sycamore: BILL KERR - The Death Of Willie: NELLIE LUTCHER - A Chicken Ain't Nothing But A Bird: MAX MILLER - Let's Have A Ride On Your Bicycle: SPIKE JONES - That Old Black Magic: FRANK CRUMIT - Abdul Abulbul Amir.

CD2 HERMIONE GINGOLD & GILBERT HARDING - Oh Grandma: ARTHUR ASKEY - The Bee Song: FRANKIE HOWARD - Three Little Fishes: KEN MORRIS - Can't Seem ToLaugh Anymore: MARIE BENSON & JOHNNY BRANDON - I Ain't Gonna Grieve: PHIL HARRIS - The Darktown Poker Club: MAX MILLER - My Old Mum: PHIL MORROW MUSIC - The Flying Saucer: GEORGE FORMBY - When I'm Cleaning Windows: JIMMY DURANTE - Start Off Each Day With A Song: BEATRICE LILLIE - Clip Clip Clop: JACKIE HUNTER - When I See An Elephant Fly: LOUISE ARMSTRONG - The Dummy Song: JIMMY DURANTE & EDDIE THOMSON - What You Goin' Do When..: MAX WALL - Buttonup Your Shoes And Dance: DINKIE REW - Bing: BETTY GARRETT & LARRY PARKS - Why Won't Cha: THE CHEROKEYS - Drink Drink Drink: JUDY VALENTINE - The Work Song: JIMMY DURANTE - I'm A Vulture For Horticulture: MAX MILLER - Mary From The Dairy: BILLY COTTON - I've Got A Lovely Bunch Of Coconuts: BILLY GARRETT & JIMMY DURANTE - The Pussy Cat Song: STANLEY HOLLOWAY - Guarding The Gasworks: BERNARD MILES - Me And Old Charlie.

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