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JOHNNIE RAY - The Fabulous Johnnie Ray

Although practically deaf, Johnnie Ray's tear-inflected delivery tabbed him as an early 50s
sensation One of the original ‘Pop Idols’ Johnnie Ray’s frenzied antics set off riots among
female admirers during his heyday, but the advent of rock soon dulled his hitmaking powers.
By 1959, the hits were through. He had a massive career and a string of pop hits
throughout the 1950s. "Cry" remained perched on top of the pop charts for nearly three
months. - This ‘best Of’ collection is a great introduction to this 50s idol.

Please Mr. Sun: Cry: The Little White Cloud That Cried: (Here Am I) Broken Hearted: Walkin’ My Baby Back Home: Just Walking In The Rain: All Of Me: Ma Says, Pa says - Duet with DORIS DAY: Paths Of Paradise: Somebody Stole My Gal: The Lady Drinks Champagne: Love Me: Tell The Lady I Said Goodbye: Coffee And Cigarettes: Mountains In The Moonlight: Faith Can Move Mountains: It’s The Talk Of The Town: Nobody’s Sweetheart: With These Hands: A Full Time Job Duet with DORIS DAY: Whisky And Gin: Please Don’t Talk About Me When I’m Gone: Don’t Say Love Has Ended: I’m Gonna Walk And Talk With My Lord: Glad, Rag Doll

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