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With Vocalist including - MATT MONRO, JEAN CAMPBELL and BOB DALE.

Conductor, arranger and radio personality - leading the BBC Show Band in the 50s.

25 tracks - includes two rare Matt Monro recordings! here...

Come Next Spring (vocal chorus): Live A Little, Love A Little (voc. MATT MONRO & JEAN CAMPBELL): Candy And Cake (voc. JEAN CAMPBELL & THE STARGAZERS): I Only Have Eyes For You (voc. BOB DALE): O’Oh La La Boom Boom (voc. MATT MONRO): Elephant Tango (instrumental): Zing Zing – Zoom Zoom (voc. BOB DALE & THE STAPLEJACKS): When Day Is Done (vocal chorus): Hop Scotch Polka (voc. BOB DALE & JEAN CAMPBELL): Get Out Those Old Records (voc. JEAN CAMPBELL): Fanfare Boogie (instrumental): My Mistake (voc. REGGIE GOFF): In A Boat, On A Lake With My Darling (voc. BOB DALE): The Italian Theme (instrumental): Lullaby Of Leaves (voc. BOB DALE): The Glow Worm (voc. THE CLUBMEN): One Wonderful Morning (voc. BOB DALE): The Roving Kind (voc. DAVID CAREY & THE STAPLEJACKS): Shawl Of Galway, Grey (voc. BOB DALE): Skin Deep (instrumental – JACK CUMMINGS on drums): Be My Love (voc BOB DALE): The Light In My Window (voc. REGGIE GOFF): Honey Babe (voc. GORDON LANGHORN): Blue Star (voc. JULIE DAWN): A Kiss And A Rose (voc. DICK JAMES).

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