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Serenade - The Best Of

A collection of some his most popular and succesful songs from the 50s.
He was a great ballad singer with a fine tenor voice.
A 50s pop idol dubbed Mr. Heart-Throb. Record contracts and television shows made him a household name by the end of the 1950’s. David had regularly appeared on TV’s Make Mine Music, and Friday Night Is Music Night on the radio. He was later to make the brave move to Opera in the early 60s.



    Love Is A Many Splendoured Thing
    Small Town Sweetheart
    Until You’re Mine
    With These Hands
    I Love You More
    Every Day Of My Life
    When The Swallows Nest Again
    For Better Or Worse
    If I Had Wings
    Bella Notte
    Not As A Stranger
    No One Told Me
    Tombolee, Tombola
    Begin The Beguine
    Mi Amore
    Looking, High, High, High
    Two Different Worlds
    By The Fountains Of Rome
    Santo Natale
    In The Chapel In The Moonlight
    My House Is Your House
    A Fool in The Ways of Love
    True Love
    Till The End Of Time



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