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Swing Swing Swing - VARIOUS

50 Swing Favourites on 2CDs
It has been held that Swing was a progression from New Orleans Jazz, using bigger bands and written charts to back featured soloists but just exactly was Swing? On the evidence here, it was a very varied form. So, what was Swing? 
There’s 50 tracks here and, at the end, you may still not have the answer, but it will be great listening anyway.

CD1 SAUTER FINNEGAN Orch. (Inst.) - Doodletown Fifers: RAY ANTHONY & Orch. (Voc. TOMMY MERCER & GLORIA CRAIG) - Undecided: BENNY GOODMAN & QUARTET (Inst.) - Runnin’ Wild: SAUTER FINEGAN Orch. - Mobile: JACK SIMPSON & SEXTET - Stage Coach: CYRIL STAPLETON & Orch. (Voc. THE CLUBMEN) - The Glow Worm: JIMMY DORSEY & Orch.. (Voc. HELEN O’CONNELL & RAY EBERLY) - Tangerine: RAY ANTHONY & Orch. (Inst.) - In The Mood: SID PHILLIPS & BAND - Make Love To Me: SAUTER FINEGAN Orch. (Voc. JOE MOONEY & THE DOODLERS): - Hit The Road To Dreamland: KEN MCINTOSH & Orch. (Inst.) - Air Express: JERRY GRAY & Orch. (Inst.) - The Dipsy Doodle: ANITA ELGIS with GERALDO & HIS Orch.: - After You Get What You Want You Dont Want It: SAUTER FINEGAN Orch. (Inst.) - What Is That Thing Called Love: JACK SIMPSON & SEXTET - How Down: JERRY GRAY & Orch. (Inst.) - Who’s Sorry Now?: SID PHILLIPS & BAND (Voc. BETTY MILLER) - Stop Ringing My Bell: RAY ANTHONY & Orch. (Inst.) - Tuxedo Junction: JIMMY DORSEY & Orch. (Voc. HELEN O’CONNELL) : - Arthur Murray Taught Me Dancing In A Hurry: BENNY GOODMAN & QUARTET - Sweet Sue - Just You: JOHNNY CLAES & CLAE PIGEONS (Voc. IRENE KING) - Watch The Birdie: SAUTER FINEGAN Orch. (Inst.) - Swing Low Sweet Chariot: WALLY STOTT & Orch. (Inst.) - The Piccolino: HARRY PARRY & RADIO SEXTET - Someone In The Kitchen With Dinah: RAY ANTHONY & Orch. (Inst.) - Mr. Anthony’s Boogie

CD2 JERRY GRAY & Orch. (Inst.) - Blue Skies: JIMMY DORSEY & Orch.. (voc. HELEN O’CONNOR) - Six Lessons From Madame La Zonga: BENNY GOODMAN & QUARTET (Inst.) - Opus 1/2: SID PHILLIPS & BAND (voc. BETTY MILLER) - You’ve Gotta To See Mama Every Night: CYRIL STAPLETON & Orch. (JOE CUMMINES ON DRUMS) - Skin Deep: JERRY GRAY & Orch. (Inst.) - Cariola: KEN MACKINTOSH & Orch. (voc. PATTI FORBES) - You Shouln’t Have Kissed Me The First Time: SAUTER FINEGAN Orch. - Stop Beating Round The Mulberry Bush: WALLY STOTT & Orch. (Inst.) - Always: JIMMY DORSEY & Orch. (voc. HELEN O’CONNELL, RAY EBERLY) - Green Eyes: SID PHILLIPS & BAND (voc. BETTY MILLER) - Disillusioned: JACK SIMPSON & SEXTET (Inst.) - Mirage: SAUTER FINEGAN Orch. (Inst.) - Doodletown Races: KEN MACKINTOSH & Orch. (voc. PATTI FORBES & GORDON LANGHORN) - That’s A-Me ‘N My Love: WALLY STIOTT & Orch. (Inst.) - Easter Parade: JERRY GRAY & Orch. - Crew Cut: SID PHILLIPS & BAND (voc. BETTY MILLER) - Forty Cups Of Coffee: KEN MACKINTOSH & Orch. (INST.) - Plymouth Sound: SAUTER FINEGAN Orch. (voc. SALLY SWEETLAND & THE DOODLERS) - The Moon Is Blue: SID PHILLIPS & BAND (Inst.) - Anything Goes: JACK SIMPSON & SEXTET (Inst.) - Oasis: KEN MACKINTOSH & Orch. (voc. PATTI FORBES) - Hole In The Ground: SAUTER FINEGAN Orch. (Inst.) - Moonlight On The Ganges: JACK SIMPSON & SEXTET (voc. MINDY JACKSON) - Swing Shoe Shop: HARRY PARRY & RADIO SEXTET (Inst.) - Alexanders Ragtime Band.

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