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Various - The Great Sounds Of


50 Great Tracks for your listening pleasure!

So, wallow in nostalgia awhile, and enjoy this feast of fifty tuneful tracks from the era when the piano-accordion was king!

PRIMO SCALA - The Poor People Of Paris
LONDON PIANO ACC. BAND (Voc.Phil Phillips) - So Tired
ERIC WINSTONE (Voc. Alan Kane) - Wrap Yourself In Cotton Wool
PRIMO SCALA - Bluebell Polka
ERIC WINSTONE (Voc. Alan Kane) - Jingle, Jangle, Jingle
LONDON PIANO ACC. BAND - Moonlight Avenue
PRIMO SCALA - Isle Of Capri
LONDON PIANO ACC. BAND (Voc.Phil Phillips) - Take Me To Your Heart Again
ERIC WINSTONE (Voc. Alan Kane) - Jealousy / Romanesca
GERALDO (with vocal trio) - Old Timer
PRIMO SCALA - Lullaby Of The Volga
GERALDO Medley: Flame Of Desire / Sunshine And Roses / Tom Thumb’s Drum / Rhymes
PRIMO SCALA - Roll Along Covered Wagon
ERIC WINSTONE (Voc. Alan Kane) - Memories Of Spain
GERALDO (Voc. Cyril Grantham) - Sleepy Time In Sleepy Hollow
PRIMO SCALA - Whistle Your Worries Away
ROBERTO & HIS ACCORDION BAND - There’s A Lovely Lake In London
PRIMO SCALA - Mack The Knife
GERALDO (Voc. Cyril Grantham) Medley: We’re A Couple Of Soldiers (My Baby And Me) /
While We Danced At The Mardi Gras / Underneath The Arches / Love Me Tonight
PRIMO SCALA Medley: Smoke Gets In Your Eyes / I’ll String Along With You / Who Made Little Boy Blue?
GERALDO - Back To Those Happy Days
PRIMO SCALA - Lady of Madrid
GERALDO (Voc. Cyril Grantham) Medley:
Whistle And Blow Your Cares Away / Can’t We Talk It Over? / Every Day Can’t Be Sunday / Now That You’re Gone
GERALDO Medley: Rio De Janeiro / When The Rest Of The Crowd Goes Home / I Can’t Get Mississippi Off My Mind

ERIC WINSTONE (Voc. Alan Kane) - If I Could Paint A Memory
PRIMO SCALA - Johnny Ragtime
PRIMO SCALA - On Treasure
ERIC WINSTONE (Voc. Alan Kane) - Rose O’Day
ROBERTO & HIS Acc. BAND - All For A Shilling A Day
PRIMO SCALA - The Rose In Her Hair
ERIC WINSTONE (Voc. Alan Kane) - When Night Is Through
ROBERTO & HIS Acc. BAND - Alpine Valse
PRIMO SCALA - Grinzing
GERALDO (Voc. Cyril Grantham) - A Street In Old Seville
PRIMO SCALA (with The Keynotes) - Underneath The Arches
PRIMO SCALA - Here Comes The Rainbow
GERALDO (Voc. Cyril Grantham) Medley: Sweet And Lovely / Put Your Little Arms Around Me / Cuban Love Song / You Forgot Your Gloves
GERALDO (Voc. Cyril Grantham) - Lady, Sing Your Gypsy Song
ERIC WINSTONE (Voc. Jukie Dawn) - Hey! Mabel
PRIMO SCALA (with The Keynotes) - I Want Some Money
ROBERTO & HIS Acc. BAND - Up The Old Narkovians
PRIMO SCALA - There’s In Home In Wyoming
ERIC WINSTONE - The Kiss Polka
GERALDO (Voc. Cyril Grantham) -Medley: Sing A New Song / The Clouds Will Soon Roll By /
Marta / Chopin and Mendelssohn
PRIMO SCALA Medley: Don’t Blame Me / In The Valley Of The Moon / Hold Me / Sweetheart Darling
GERALDO (Voc. Cyril Grantham) - That Handsome Accordion Man
PRIMO SCALA - Little Valley In The Mountain
GERALDO (Voc. Cyril Grantham) Medley:Lullaby Of The Leaves / Goodnight Moon / Snuggled On Your Shoulder / Snap Your Fingers
GERALDO Medley: The Changing Of The Guard / Consolation / You / Home

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