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HEADS, HANDS & FEET - Home From Home (The Missing Album)

The very special sessions for this album took place between October and December 1968. Produced by Tony Colton who juggled these nightime sessions with the production of Irish band Taste’s debut album. The Band believe this is the best album they ever cut. Tony Colton - Lead vocals, Albert Lee - Gtrs, vocals, Pat Donaldson - Bass gtr, vocals, Ray smith - gtr, vocals, Pete Gavin - Drums, vocals, Mike ONeill - Keyboards, vocals, B.J.Cole - Steel gtr, Speedy Aquaye - Percussion, The Bond street Choir which included at various times - John Anderson, Zoot Money, Andy Somers, Madeline Bell, Linda Lewis, David Foster, Ray Osborne, Leslie Duncan, Tony Ashton, Jamba and othersIt came before thy signed with a major label a year later, but this album was exluded from the deal. Because of line up changes this ‘First’ album was held back and the first Capitol album with Chas Hodges replacing Pat Donaldson their discography was re-written. Some of the sections on the album did have their day in the sun. On Thursday , June 5th, 1969 they performed them live at the Albert Hall with a thirty six piece Orchestra conducted by Johnny Harris and a fifteen strong choir many of the same names that helped out on these original recordings.

Bring It All Back Home: Ain’t Gonna Let It Get Me Down: How Does It Feel To Be Right All The Time: Achmed: Precious Stone: Friend Of A Friend: Windy And Warm: Who Turned Off The Dark: Can You See Me: Home From Home: Make Me Feel Much Better.

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