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JULIE COVINGTON - Julie Covington ...Plus

If Julie Covington has suffered from any one thing throughout her distinguished career, it is the fact that she has never been an artist you can pigeonhole. And people do like to pigeonhole. No-one who has seen her work as a formidable and vibrant stage and television actress would argue is she was considered to this category, and this category alone. Ok, so file her under ĎActressí, then. Great actress - no question. BUT Julieís a great singer too! An interpreter of words, a woman with the ability to inject fresh and unexpected nuances into often well known lyrics. This album was originally released on Virgin Records in 1978 and produced by Joe Boyd and John Wood. It boasted a stellar line up including Richard Thompson, Neil Larson, Willie Weeks, Andy Newmark plus Steve Winwood, John Cale, Ray Cooper, John Kirkpatrick, Trevor Lucas, Simon Nicol, Chris Spedding Andy Fairweather -Low and Russ Titelman. This re-issue classic has been enhanced with two bonus tracks from 1977 including Only Women Bleed which was a Top 20 hit and itís B-side. She had already had a gigantic world wide hit with Donít Cry For Me Argentina from Evita, a version that has never been bettered. This album is a remarkable testament to Julieís special vocal talents. Her wonderfully pure and emotive voice, an interpretive skill and a musical line up to die for, all combine to make this a really special event!

(I Want To See The) Bright Lights : By The Time It Getís Dark: Sip The Wine: How: Barbaraís Song: A Little Bit More: Let Me Make Something In Your Life: I Canít Dance: The Kick Inside: Dead Weight: Dancing In The Dark: BONUS TRACKS: Easy To Slip: Onlly Women Bleed.

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